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Tag: Weekend High Notes

This week, Molly suggests we dust off an old hobby, passion, or interest and get back in the saddle - in addition to her regular great recommendations for your weekend, of course.
Sometimes we just hit a wall and need to rest. Weekend High Notes author, Molly, is no different. Except, perhaps that she has a knack for turning it into something helpful for all of us.
There seems to be a growing trend in the air to categorize everything as black and white. In addition to her usual great recommendations, Molly offers some suggestions for free thinking.
By Molly Butler I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays. We made some lovely memories, even though we gathered virtually. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. The physical, financial, and mental toll is undeniable. It feels like a year...
Lots of holiday stuff going on and Molly has recommendations while reminding us to be sweet.
In this week's column, Molly reminds us that it's just as important to receive as it is to give.
By Molly Butler “Remind me to bring earbuds next time I go shopping,” Noah texted me. That’s when I knew it was officially Christmas season. He might not enjoy the inescapable holiday music already playing in every store, but I’m ready...
In this week's Weekend High Notes, Molly Butler helps us de-stress and recover after Thanksgiving, as well as sharing some fun ideas for the weekend!
In this week's Weekend High Notes, Molly shares what she's thankful for and helps us find ways to enjoy the weekend.
In this week's Weekend High Notes, Molly encourages us to make our own luck and take advantage of some of the great things happening in the area.