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Tag: Weekend High Notes

Want to feel as free as a bird? In this week's high notes, Molly recommends some fun weekend activities to help us spread our wings.
Spring has sprung, and so has the opportunity to start something new. To help us on our fresh start, Molly has recommended some fun activities to kick off the first weekend of April.
Can't decide which road you want to take this weekend? No worries, Molly recommends some fun spring activities in this week's high notes to help you make that decision.
Are you looking for the secret to happiness? If so, in this week's High Notes, Molly shares the formula for happiness and a few activities to brighten up your weekend.
In the mood to have some fun? For the weekend, Molly recommends some art, music, and fun events that will help you tap into your creative self.
Are you tired of staying inside? Don't be! In this week's column, Molly recommends a few events that can save you from your isolation and the monotony of everyday life.
Life is all about choices. To help you make a good one, Molly has recommended some fun activities to fill your weekend in this week's high notes.
During times of struggle, you can find strength in others. This week, Molly not only recommends a few fun things to do, but she also discusses the ways the community is giving back to those in need.
Love Valentine's Day? Hate Valentine's Day? Molly gets it. In this week's column she's got plenty of recommendations for you no matter how you feel about hearts.
Super bowl weekend and a lot of great events - many of them not virtual! Molly talks about living mindfully whether we're at a cash register or fulfilling a lifelong dream