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Tag: Weekend High Notes

This weekend, open your minds to new hope and participate in some fun-filled community activities!
This week, Molly explains that waiting is the hardest part, but lucky us, the weekend is already here, so check out the fun-filled community activities!
This weekend, Molly encourages us to choose the right direction, including attending a few fun-filled weekend activities!
This weekend, Molly encourages us to focus more on the present, which may include getting out in the community for some fun-filled activities!
This weekend, Molly shares her reaction to some dark events.
This weekend, Molly tells us about the negativity bias and a few ways to overcome it, including some fun-filled community activities!
It's time to train ourselves with hope. This weekend, Molly shares some ways to build a better future and, of course, a few fun-filled activities.
Happy Mother's Day Weekend! Be sure to appreciate motherhood and get out in the community with some fun-filled, Molly-approved activities!
Acknowledge the miracle of our planet. This weekend, Molly states the importance of our ecological behaviors while lightening the mood with some fun weekend activities recommendations.
This weekend, Molly tells us to chop our own wood, find meaning in our work, and get involved in the community with some fun activities.