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Tag: Artist of the Month

Annie Hiller is the artist of the month for March at the Fillin' Station
Laura Marti is the Artist of the Month for May at The Fillin' Station
When the world slowed down, Lindsey Gramentz's career as an artist picked up. Now, we can take a look into the cosmic and abstract depths that is her work.
As the artist of the month, Lisa Lardy takes us through her artistic journey that seems to have no bounds.
The Fillin' Station's Artist of the Month for November is Cliff Coy, a local photographer who uses his art to raise awareness for issues close to his heart.
Brittany Wegener is a mixed media artist creating three-dimensional art and who has used her art for personal growth. You can see her craft on display in January at The Fillin' Station.
February's Artist of the Month at the Fillin' Station is Ryan Woody
Vincent Kenobbie is the Fillin' Station artist of the month