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Madison Lake

Bray Park - Madison Lake, MN

Bray Park and Campground

Bray Park features a large beach and play area along with a separate campground.
Duck Lake Park - Madison Lake, MN

Duck Lake Park

Located just north of Madison Lake, this popular park with beach and lake access offers volleyball, picnicking, fishing, swimming, and a playground area.
Fasnacht Park - Madison Lake, MN

Fasnacht Park

Fasnacht Park, on the northeast side of the Madison Lake, is nestled in a quiet neighborhood and features a playground, basketball court, and t-ball field.
Lindbergh Park - Madison Lake, MN

Lindbergh Park

Lindbergh Park, located along the  Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail in Madison Lake, offers swings, picnic tables, a basketball court, and the perfect rest stop when biking the trail.
North Shore Park - Madison Lake, MN

North Shore Park

North Shore Park in Madison Lake is a large space with lake access and a beach.
Photo by Tina Thomas - Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail is part of the larger trail system in and around the Mankato area.