Know Someone Who Would Benefit From Advertising on MankatoLIFE?

Refer an advertiser and earn money!

Maybe you know a business or organization who wants to reach the people who are deeply engaged in the cultural activities of our communities. If so, tell them about MankatoLIFE and recommend they reach out to us though the site’s Contact Form. Ask them to mention your name and if we close the deal, we’ll give you 20% of the first month’s ad cost as a *finder’s fee!

We’re Growing!

MankatoLIFE is seeing month-over-month growth of often as much as 30%! Our audience is made up of people looking for things to do.

If you’re a business or organization and you want this deal for yourself, we’ll take the same 20% off of your first month.

You can learn more about MankatoLIFE’s advertising philosophy on our Information Page, or even purchase your ad on our Advertising Store.

Use our Contact Page if you have any questions.

Get In On The Ground Floor

For these initial offerings, we’ll be displaying only one ad in each position. Initially, your ad will not rotate! It will be visible 100% of the time.

*Offer valid when advertiser initiates contact with MankatoLIFE. Finder’s fee will be paid upon completion of first paid month of advertising.